Scope and Role

MAUI represents local governments and other public agencies served by investor-owned utilities throughout Michigan, focusing on municipal operations including:

  • Municipal street lighting tariffs and utility practices;
  • Electric and gas tariffs and utility practices affecting municipal buildings, water treatment plants, etc.;
  • Tariffs and policies related to solar PV and microgrids serving municipal facilities;
  • Municipal solar energy installations and green power buys;
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure; and
  • Electricity distribution system maintenance and investments, such as tree trimming and vegetation management, easement and street excavation, etc.

MAUI also addresses issues not directly related to municipal costs and operations, including right-of-way issues, energy facility siting policies, and impacts of utility regulations and policies on city-wide renewable energy, climate, and sustainability goals.

While focused primarily on energy issues, MAUI can address any issue of concern to its members that falls within the Michigan Public Service Commission’s regulatory purview. MAUI also provides technical support to local governments in volatile or opaque markets such as recycling, waste hauling, and energy hedging contracts.

MI-MAUI does not lobby for laws or policies but may provide research and analysis to other organizations that lobby on behalf of municipalities.